Are you ready for The Pay Day?

Who knew heist movies could be deliberately silly!

Sarah Morgan
2 min readNov 28, 2022


Not just a pretty face… Credit:Praxima

The Pay Day is an independent female-led British comedy heist movie, staring Kyla Frye as Jenn, in addition to Sam Benjamin and Simon Callow.

The film follows Jenn, a 30-year-old, broke, frustrated, and single IT technician.

Her chance to escape mediocrity comes in the form of a life-changing payday, but she has to break the law to get it.

If you’re sick of heist movies, you might prefer a heist comedy.

However, it is unlikely to make you laugh out loud, though it may well raise a smirk or two.

The humour is gentle and persistent, but there are no moments of pure comedy gold.

Rather, this is a rather warm send up of the British heist genre and its well worn tropes.

This feels like a TV drama, rather than a big screen blockbuster, but it will leave you smiling and the main characters are likeable and carry you through a rather implausible plot.

Nothing is to be taken seriously in this film, except perhaps the quality of Kyla Frye’s acting, which is a strong lead performance.

Give it a go on a Sunday afternoon in will lull you to the end of the weekend.

The Pay Day coming to Digital Download 5 December.



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