Be uplifted by the sweet: Master Cheng

Oi lady, you stepped on my toe Credit: Parkland Entertainment

Master Cheng is a truly sweet Finnish romantic comedy that may lighten your mood significantly if you are having a bad day.

The story revolves around Master Cheng (Chu Pak Hong), his son Niu Niu (Lucas Hsuan) and Sirkka (Anna-Maija Tuokko). Master Cheng comes to a small Finnish village not speaking the language and gets by communicating in English.

His purpose in the town becomes revealed early in the film, but when what he has hoped for does not materialise, he finds himself falling for the local restaurateur Sirkka who has found in him a God send to her business.

This film has arguably quite an obvious plot line, but it makes up for the lack of twists with an unashamedly sweet story that will lighten your spirit and leave you more positive at the end of the story than at the beginning.

The comedy elements of Master Cheng are not brash, rather it holds moments that will raise a smile.

Great for those with an international perspective and a romantic soul.

Master Cheng is released in UK cinemas on March 11 2022.



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Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan

I am an experienced journalist. My first joint book on mental health recovery was published in 2011. I was short-listed for aviation journalism awards in 2010.