Huaicun Zhang World Blossom

Cheque presented to the Royal Marsden at World Blossom Solo Exhibition Private View 11 July

Huaicun Zhang professes to be inspired by nature and in this collection at the Mall Galleries you would not be surprised.

She has amassed a beautiful selection of prints and oil paintings that showcase elements of the natural world.

Her more traditional Chinese flower and blossom watercolours dominated the exhibition, but her portraiture of her family, and simple drawings of children (often in nature) are also worth the visit.

Among the artwork are four striking oil paintings in purple, blue, yellow and red that seem to be the fine art answer to Warhol they are all so faithfully re-created in each colour.

Every painting is paired with her poetry, which bring so much extra life to the image, over and above the usual name and description.

She used the unveiling to announce a cheque for £28,000 to be made out to the Royal Marsden.

Earlier she herself was also surprised with the presentation of an award at the event.

The artwork on display was surprisingly inexpensive, given the unique and beautiful presentation of so much of the exhibition.

If you are not often fond of going to Art Galleries, you may find this an encouraging introduction to the experience.

Although, a slight sour point is that it appears that at least one of the staff that hung the paintings is on a zero hours contract.

Huaicun has said since initial publication that she didn’t know about Mall Galleries hiring policies and her team on seeking a response were giving what they describe as the bog standard response:

“We, the FBA at Mall Galleries operates a range of contracts in order to run an art gallery open to the public and fulfil the exhibition management service the FBA provides. Depending upon the requirements of the work, staff are recruited on permanent, fixed term, part-time and casual contracts.” Clare O’Brien CEO Federation of British Artists.

Huaicun Zhang is exhibiting at the Mall Galleries London from 12 July until 23 July, the gallery is open from 10am to 5pm.



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