Newly opened Riding House restaurant review

Early evening in the Riding House, it does get busier(!)

Open for just two days now, the Riding House Bloomsbury is a classy new restaurant in Bloomsbury’s Brunswick Centre.

A huge improvement on the well known Italian (whose name I shall not mention) that once stood there.

However, this light, modern, classy décor comes with prices that you might expect. It is hardly cheap and cheerful, but it isn’t hugely expensive either.

If you’re frugal you can expect to pay under £20 for a meal for one without alcohol, but if you’re looking for an interesting treat, this place might just fit the bill.

On the more expensive side they do an array of steaks, some dishes come in at over £50. However, they also do small and large ‘bowls’ of a selection of salads, which you can pare with a variety of meat, veg and fish skewers that skirt around the £10-£15 mark.

The food is well prepared and extremely well presented, sorry there is no picture it looked to enticing for me to snap the food before I ate it.

The small portions are enough to fill you up if you want something light, but if you are really hungry go for a bigger one and buy more skewers.

To get the full experience of their cuisine they have a £28 tasting menu, which you can pare with a £15 flight of drinks, which certainly looks very generous.

A discretionary service charge is added to the bill and the service staff here certainly deserve it, they are warm, professional and not invasive.

I would certainly go again and order a more lavish dish.

The Riding House Bloomsbury opened on the 23 May and is situated in the Brunswick centre, a stone’s through from Russel Square tube station.



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Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan

I am an experienced journalist. My first joint book on mental health recovery was published in 2011. I was short-listed for aviation journalism awards in 2010.