Pitbull–EXODUS: Dark, in places stilted, yet surprisingly fun

Almost as silly as it sounds, but you may be surprised and find yourself enjoying this dark Polish crime thriller

Sarah Morgan
2 min readNov 16, 2021


Credit: Kinostar

The polish crime thriller Pitbull Exodus starts almost comically as we are introduced to our films bad guy, Nos (Przemyslaw Bluszcz), who is intensely two-dimensional, as is his wife, Renata (Justyna Karlowska).

When an explosive at a gas station kills a police sapper, the policeman Gebels (Andrezej Grabowski) is assigned to the case. What follows turns into a stand-off between the two men.

You would be forgiven for abandoning this film at the beginning as it is a bit wooden in places and the plot seems faintly ridiculous to start. The portrayals of women are very negatively drawn and it is a very machismo driven movie.

However, as the younger characters and their failings are introduced the film really hots up.

The younger characters are friends of Gebels son, Jarek (Sebastian Dela), who turns to crime and gives this film its interest, facing Gebels with an impossible choice of imprisoning or saving his son.

Stick with it, the film gets progressively more engaging and emotionally complex and boasts a brilliant soundtrack, allowing you to suspend your disbelief for what becomes a very dark thriller.

The ending may be unexpected to some. Though be warned, this is not a feminist movie.

PitbullEXODUS will be in UK Cinemas from 19th November.



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