Summer in the Shade: Great title, awful film

Do you worship Satan Grace? Credit: CentralCityMedia

Summer in the Shade possesses an intriguing title that is sadly not backed up by the lacklustre film itself.

Grace (Niamh Walter) goes on holiday to Cornwall with her friend Asta (Nyobi Hendry) and her mum Kate (Rebecca Palmer), where she ‘comes of age’ in the most preposterous way possible.

This film starts slowly and doesn’t speed up. Don’t be fooled by the suspense filled music, there is no truly spooky pay off.

A coming of age drama with clever cinematography and a haunting soundtrack, but an implausible and faintly ridiculous plot.

It may well have even been written by a pubescent mind.

I won’t waste too much more of your time reading about a film I hope you don’t waste your life watching.

This is not a strike for feminism, or women, or girls. It smacks of something made by someone hung up on Carrie, who re-reads Judy Blume too often.

Hats off to the actors for actually showing up and giving convincing performances for this one.

Summer in the Shade is coming to Digital Download from 20 June.



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Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan

I am an experienced journalist. My first joint book on mental health recovery was published in 2011. I was short-listed for aviation journalism awards in 2010.