‘Transmission Hackers’

Do you want to become a ‘Transmission Hacker’?

They call themselves ‘Transmission Hackers’. You can become a ‘human virus neutralising shield’ in the community and stealth deactivate the virus.

Antiviral face-mask

UK based company Akhand Armour says they can help people become a human ‘Sanitising Shield’ in the community.

In the same way as people can become ‘virus transmitters’, we can turn them into ‘virus neutralisers’ says Mandeep Hanspal of Akhand Armour in Milton Keynes.

The wearables destroy landed infected droplets on contact. Impregnated with a virus destroying technology the wearables destroy the outer wall of the coronavirus, rendering it useless.

“It blows my mind that the Government aren’t taking advantage of the products we’ve launched. The fabric used in our antiviral wearables has been independently tested by MSL labs based in Bury UK”.

Akhand Armour says their technology has been scientifically proven to neutralise over 92.8% of landed droplets — on contact.

A complete eco-system, along with the face masks, the company has developed sanitising face mask bags, glasses bags, shopping bags, mobile phone bags and they have also developed scarf-mask hybrids (called a Scarsk™) for people who cannot get on with masks.

While ordinary face masks do work, they’re effectively transferring infected droplets from one surface to another allowing the virus time to mutate.

“It’s usually just stuffed in a pocket and re-worn”.

Akhand Armour will be offering support/relief against purchases of their antiviral face masks and antiviral face mask cases to anyone currently living in reported virus surge areas across the UK.

We are the only company using a dual pathway formula for virus destruction. We are the only company with an ISO certification.

Antiviral technology has been available for many years. We have repurposed well tested tech and have developed an eco-system that can support the community to reduce contact based transmission.

Brand website:


Link for further content: https://www.miltonkeynes.co.uk/news/people/antiviral-face-mask-kills-covid-germs-contact-



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